A perfect coffee recipe with our “Oldie but a goodie” Filter

Coffee filter extraction - a perfect coffee recipe

With the perfect coffee recipe, the taste and aroma have no secrets. In this article you will learn how to make delicious coffee using the B702TH26.5M filter in combination with the HUB COFFEE LAB specialty blend. We will show you step by step the preparation process, the characteristics and settings of the coffee machine and the technical details of the filter to give you a coffee with exceptional properties.

Characteristics of the B702TH26.5M Filter: Shape, Perforation and Capacity for Different Types of Roasting

The IMS B702TH26.5M filter was designed by IMS Filtri to obtain the right ratio between base and height of the coffee disc in relation to the capacity.

  • Height: 26.5mm
  • Capacity: 16-18 gr
  • Shape: Cylindrical with flat bottom

The cylindrical shape with flat bottom was designed by IMS to make the most of the entire coffee disc, also facilitating drying and expulsion.

Perforation is characterized by:

  • Perforated area: Ø 44 mm optimized in relation to the shape of the filter
  • Number of Holes: 641 Hex Holes
  • Hole diameter: 0.30mm
  • Circular hole with conical cross section

The number and distribution of the holes balance the delivery in relation to the height and shape of the filter. The B702TH26.5M filter, thanks to its studied shape and balanced perforation, allows for optimal performance with different types of blends and roasting.

The Hub Coffee Lab Recipe: Machine, Blend and Extraction Parameters

coffee roasting - A perfect coffee recipe

To create the ideal recipe, the friends at Hub Coffee Lab used the B702TH26.5M filter, known for its classic design which allows to obtain the right ratio between height and capacity of the coffee disc.

The coffee machine used was the VBM Domobar , with the following settings:

  • Dispensing unit: 1
  • Temperature: 93°C
  • Pressure: 9 bar

The blend chosen was the Hub Coffee Lab Specialty Blend, a blend of coffee with the following characteristics:

  • Origin: Brazil-Guatemala-Peru
  • Altitude: 900-1100-1700 m above sea level
  • Variety: Mundo Novo/ Catuaí-Caturra / Catuaí – Bourbon/ Caturra
  • Processing: Natural-Washed-Washed

The parameters used for the recipe were:

  • Gr in: 17 g
  • Yield in cup: 34 g
  • Extraction time: 30 seconds
  • TDS: 9.82%
  • Extract: 19.04%

The B702TH26.5M filter has proven to be an excellent ally as it improves the perception of the intensity and body of the blend, enhancing its characteristics.

The result obtained

From our graph you can immediately understand the characteristics of the coffee obtained.

  • The coffee has an intense and pleasant aroma rated 7/10.
  • The sweetness was very strong, with a score of 8/10 on the rating scale.
  • Low and balanced acidity, 2/10.
  • The bitterness is not very marked, with a score of 1/10.
  • The aftertaste was excellent and persistent, rated 8/10.
A perfect coffee recipe - IMS Filtri

Overall, the combination of this filter with the specialty blend produced a balanced coffee, with predominant aroma and sweetness (with predominant sweetness and higher intensity of the body, as required for this recipe. Using the B702TH26.5M filter helped control unwanted acidity and bitterness. (nessun aspetto gustativo va demonizzato, eviterei accezioni negative) Using the B702TH26.5M filter help to have balanced and full body cup. The final result is a round and pleasant coffee.

Flavour wheel - A perfect coffee recipe

The taste notes of this coffee, as can be seen from our flavour wheel , appear to be those of dehydrated fruit and Nutty / Cocoa / Sweet


In conclusion, the B702TH26.5M filter proved to be an “Oldie but a goodie” competition filter perfect for extracting all the aromas and flavors of the HUB COFFEE LAB Specialty Blend. It was born in a historical moment in which the blend is the protagonist in coffee shops) and is an ally of many roasters because it improves the perception of intensity of the body. Thanks to its technical characteristics and the design studied for your coffee machine, this high quality filter allows you to prepare a perfect coffee recipe.