E&B Lab Launches All In One Basket for Espresso

Filter-Style Coffee and Tea

Article by Howard Bryman

Italian coffee equipment brand Espresso & Brewing Lab (E&B Lab) has launched the All In One filter basket for espresso machine portafilters.

The new basket is designed for making espresso extractions, filter-style coffee, tea or cascara brews on any flow- or pressure-controllable espresso machine with a 58-millimeter group.

Available in heights of 22, 25 and 28 millimeters to accommodate different doses for different drinks styles, the ridgeless stainless steel basket features a fine mesh interior screen supported by a thicker exterior screen at its base.

A photo-etched interior membrane that filters down to 150 microns is welded into the base of the basket, while a thicker exterior screen contains 257 larger holes and maintains rigidity without encumbering flow, according to the brand.

Simona Rey, a certified Q Grader and cofounder and head roaster for Northern Italian coffee company Hub Coffee Lab, contributed to the research and development of the new E&B product. Rey told DCN that the product is designed to expand the versatility of espresso groups in Italian cafe settings, where demand for filter-style coffee has increased.

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