Mastering the Espresso: A Stimulating Day in Pursuit of the Perfect Coffee Experience

On February 7, 2024, coffee enthusiasts experienced a day of genuine magic at the “Mastering the Espresso” event. Hosted by our Brand ambassador, Davide Spinelli, a renowned figure in the hospitality and specialty coffee industry, alongside Alessandro Giammatteo, one of the leading Specialists & Consultants and coffee machine expert in the industry, the day was a deep dive into the world of coffee.

Masterclass moment

Davide Spinelli brings not only extensive experience in the field but also an overwhelming passion for coffee that captured the attention of all participants. From bartender to coffee expert and a perfect connoisseur of our filters, Davide’s journey was inspiring, fueled by his constant pursuit of perfection and innovation.

Alessandro Giammatteo, with his exceptional background as an Authorized Trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association and coffee machine expert, brought a unique and invaluable perspective to the event. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and his passion for excellence merged with our commitment to providing cutting-edge competition and home-use filters and showers.

During the masterclass, we explored the secrets behind creating the perfect espresso with the fundamental role of filters, showers, and IMS and E&B Lab accessories. It was an exciting journey through the nuances of taste and mouthfeel, with each sip bringing us closer to perfection.

One highlight of the day was a hands-on tasting session, where participants not only learned about the nuances of coffee but also had the opportunity to brew coffee themselves. Through this practical experience, they explored how different filters can influence the sensory characteristics of coffee, gaining a deeper appreciation for the art of brewing.

E&B Lab filter - Box

Participants were not only treated to insightful discussions but also had the opportunity to visit our company and discover many aspects of our production.

The success of the first edition of “Mastering the Espresso” was overwhelming. We are thrilled to announce that the next installment of “Mastering the Espresso” is scheduled for April 23. Stay tuned for another exciting day of exploration and discovery in the world of coffee.

People at the Masterclass - IMS Filtri - E&B Lab

A special thanks goes to all the participants who made this event so special. Join us on our journey toward the perfect coffee experience.”